What we do

We are so excited to announce that MMP’s sustainer program has been featured in the latest issue of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal in an article written by Kristin Campbell and Allison Budschalow called, “Building People-Powered Organizations Through Sustainership.”
We're pleased to announce that MMP's short film Our Schools are not For Sale will be a recipient of a Hometown Media Award.
Washington Post journalist Cecilia Kang dives deep into the digital divide in Philadelphia with this front-page story, featuring Media Mobilizing Project's CAP Comcast Campaign (http://www.capcomcast.org), student leaders at Constitution High, and parent activists at Action United all telling...

Latest Stories

For 5 years, the nurses in Wilkes-Barre, along with union healthcare workers across the country, have pushed back on CHS under the banner of "Patients Before Profits." During their third strike, we asked what kept them fighting.
The Fight For Drivers Licenses is seeking support for HB1648, which would allow all Pennsylvanians a right to a drivers license, regardless of immigration status. For so many, a drivers license is crucial for being able to secure other fundamental rights, such as the right to work and to education...
The Spark: Stories that Change Our Times is a television talk show produced by Media Mobilizing Project TV. The show is only possible because of a growing movement across struggles for our human rights. Find all 6 episodes online here and on air at PhillyCAM.